I’ve used a lot of different platers in southern California for a large variety of things and none of those shops can compete with the quality that comes out of this shop!! Their work is bar none the best I’ve seen, and trust me, I’m extremely particular. They will actually sit with you and go over each piece, done to verify which surfaces need to be polished, which will show in the finished piece, etc. Can’t recommend them enough !
— Chris Cusimano
I was refurbishing a vintage refrigerator and the racks were rusted and terrible, these guys can chrome anything you might need. Great service and quality work.
— Travis Childers
Best prices all around, great gallery of their work. I get my parts chrome plated and let everyone knows how it goes. customer service is A+ so far.
— Tyler Gabrielli
Superb workmanship and reasonable prices!
— Keith Rogers



Browse through photos of our chrome plating, metal polishing and repair services and see the high quality work we can give you every single time.

About Us

We family owned and operated plating shop with over 20 years of experience in custom plating and polishing. Located in New Plymouth we are Idahos only chrome plating shop. Fair pricing and quality work is what we offer for an type of budget. We are also capable of handling small to medium production runs with quick turn around time.

we Provide the following services

Chrome, Nickel and Copper Plating. As well as polishing brass, copper, stainless steel, and aluminum.