Frequently Asked Questions?

Do you have a drop off center in Boise?

Currently we do not have a drop off center in Boise. Items can be shipped to and from our warehouse if that is more convenient. Customer will acquire the shipping and handling costs.

Is there a minimum work order Price?

Yes. The minimum work order price is 75 dollars.

Why is Chrome Plating So Expensive?

1. A Lot of electricity is needed

2. Continuously treating and monitoring our plating baths and rinses.

3. Plating is a corrosive environment and constant maintenance is needed to maintain equipment

4. Stripping old coatings from parts create hazardous waste which is much more expensive to separate and dispose of properly with licensed facilities.

5. Regulatory compliance is time consuming, we must report to the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Homeland Security and Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

6. Chrome Plating only looks as good as the preparation of the surface. That means that about eighty percent of labor costs is in the sanding, buffing, and metal repair. 

can i pay over the phone?