northwest chrome

Understanding Chrome Plating

Due to different base metals the process can require more or less steps. We can electroplate copper, nickel, and chrome. The basic process in each tank is to dissolve a metal to be plated on a part with the application of an electrical current throughout the tank that pulls the dissolved metal ions out of the solution and onto the part that is to be plated. Our tanks are 4’x8’x4’deep that holds about 900 gallons in each tank.

northwest chrome
northwest chrome

Surfaces we Plate


Pot Metal



Stainless Steel

Cast Iron




Types of Parts We Chrome


Here at Northwest we understand there are different requirements that range from show quality to driver quality. There are different budgets in place with each of our customers and strive to work with everyone that want the appeal and shine of chrome.


Antique/Classic Car Parts

Hot Rod Parts

Truck Parts

Motorcycle Parts

Airplane Parts

Snowmobile Parts

Dirt Bike/Quad Parts

Farm Tractor Parts

Mining Machine Parts

Antique Bathroom Fixtures


Antique Door Handles and Railings

Retirement Gifts

Anything that can fit in our tanks!